Javascript Objects And Practice

If you are a Javascript Developer or if you want to learn the Javascript , this is best Article for you . There are tons of material available online for the Javascript . But where to start and how to start . After starting to learn , how to practice those topics . This is really a million dollar question . is’nt it ?

So , I am giving road map to practice the javascript Objects , Arrays and Functions . If you can anser those questions , then you can confidently quote yourself as Javscript Begineer . With those knowledge you can start building Small applications

Objects :

  1. What is an object
  2. How many types you can create an object.
  3. How to iterate an object(display an object).
  4. How to add a property in object
  5. How to delete a property in object
  6. How to find a property is exist or not in an object
  7. How to check a property or value is exist or not in an array .

Arrays :

  1. What is Array
  2. What are the Array Methods Available and Explain all the methods with An Example.
  3. How to loop through An array and display a data on screen
  4. How to add a value or an object to an Array
  5. How to find a object is exist or not in An array


  1. What is Functions In JS
  2. How many ways you can create functions
  3. What is meant by function invocation
  4. What is meant by function definition
  5. Show some of the example for function invocation and definition
  6. What is “return ”in functions
  7. How to pass some value through a function
  8. How to pass Object or Array through an Array
  9. How to receive a value, Object or Array through a function

Events :

  1. What are the events in js. Example with examples
  2. What are the event handlers

What is interpreted language

What is compiled language

Change the color of Heading

Calculate the age

Move image

Hide menu

Alert , confirm and prompt

JS Practice scenarios:

  1. Create An Array Of Objects
  2. Display The Array of Objects as it is .
  3. Add an Object and display with latest Objects
  4. Edit An Object and Repeat step 2
  5. Delete An Object and repeat step 2.
  6. Search An Object and display the Results
  7. Separate the Array Of Objects into 3 categories and display same in to 3 different Tab sections
  8. Display Only the name of the Objects and add a checkbox next to it .
  9. When we click on the check box that particular Object as to be Displayed.
  10. Add a button in step 8.
  11. When we click on the button  , all the checked items has to be grouped .

I am a Front end developer with 9+ years of experience . I have trained so many students on online and offline . So i have closely monitored the students reaction when i teach them about the Front end technologies . And i have set a clear road map to study the JavaScript . I have specially took interest on Javascript Objects . I think this is very important topic for the all the people who want to become Javascript developer .

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